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Table 1 Summary of the 14 included studies

From: The prognostic value of lncRNA SNHG1 in cancer patients: a meta-analysis

Study Origin of population Study design Disease N Stage Method Survival analysis Hazard ratios Follow-up Months
Divya Sahu 2016 China Taiwan R NB 493 IV/I-III qRT-PCR OS/EFS HR/KM 200
Zhang H 2016 China R HCC 122 I-II/III-IV qRT-PCR NA NA NA
Zhang M 2016 China R HCC 82 A/B-C qRT-PCR OS K-M 60
Cui 2017 China R NSCLC 68 I/II–III qRT-PCR OS KM 60
Hu 2017 China R GC 50 NA qRT-PCR OS KM 60
Jiang2017 China R OS 25 I-II/III-IV qRT-PCR NA NA NA
Tang 2017 China R LC 43 I-II/III-IV qRT-PCR NA NA NA
Tian 2018 China R CC 82 I-II/III-IV qRT-PCR OS/PFS K-M 120
Wang Q 2017 China R Glioma 78 NA qRT-PCR OS NA 60
Wang JD 2018 China R OS 45 NA qRT-PCR OS KM 60
Wang Sie 2017 China R EOC 67 I-II/III-IV qRT-PCR OS KM 60
Zhang HY 2017 China R SCC 62 I-II/III qRT-PCR NA KM NA
Zhang YJ 2017 China R ESCC 72 I- II/III qRT-PCR OS KM 60
Zhu 2017 China R CRC 108 I-II/III-IV qRT-PCR OS/PFS HR/KM 60
  1. Study design is described as retrospective (R); NB neuroblastoma, ESCC esophageal squamous cell cancer, HCC Hepatocellular Carcinoma, GC gastric cancer, EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, OS osteosarcoma, LSCC Lung squamous cell carcinoma, CC colorectal cancer, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, LC Lung cancer