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Table 1 Definition of AML risk classification

From: Circ-Foxo3 is positively associated with the Foxo3 gene and leads to better prognosis of acute myeloid leukemia patients

Risk Cytogenetic Molecular abnormality
Favorable Core binding factor: inv.(16) or t(16;16) or t(8;21)
Normal cytogenetic:
NPM1 mutation in the absence of LT3-ITD,
or isolated biallelic CEBPA mutation
Intermediate Normal cytogenetic
+ 8 alone
Other non-defined
Poor Complex (≥3 clonal chromosomal abnormalities)
Monosomal karyotype
−5, 5q-, −7, 7q-
11q23 - non t(9;11)
inv.(3), t(3;3)
Normal cytogenetic:
with FLT3-ITD mutation6,
TP53 mutation