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Table 2 Cox regression analysis for progression-free survival

From: High baseline Tie1 level predicts poor survival in metastatic breast cancer

 NnProgression-free survival
Age-adjusted HR [95% CI]p valuemultivariate HRa [95% CI]p value
Baseline Tie1
 Low27161 1 
 High26152.13 [1.02–4.46]0.0433.78 [1.57–9.09]0.003
Baseline Ang2
 Low27141 1 
 High26171.21 [0.59–2.47]0.5971.22 [0.54–2.77]0.620
Combined analysis
 Tie1 and Ang2 low1891 1 
 Tie1 low, Ang2 high971.27 [0.47–3.43]0.6321.16 [0.39–3.39]0.783
 Tie1 high, Ang2 low953.86 [1.18–12.57]0.0254.45 [1.25–15.79]0.021
 Tie1 and Ang2 high17102.02 [0.80–5.07]0.1333.88 [1.25–12.06]0.019
  1. Abbreviations: N number of patients, n number of events, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval. Statistically significant results are highlighted in bold
  2. aHazard ratio adjusted by age, menopausal status, hormone receptor status, presence of visceral metastasis, number of metastatic lesions and extent of the disease