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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate analyses of the associations between clinicopathological features and overall survival in NSCLC patients

From: SET domain containing protein 5 (SETD5) enhances tumor cell invasion and is associated with a poor prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer patients

VariablesHazard ratioP
(95% CI)
Univariate analysis
 Age0.795 (0.458–1.378)0.413
 Gender0.997 (0.571–1.742)0.992
 Histological type1.539 (0.852–2.778)0.153
 Differentiation1.989 (1.075–3.682)0.029
 TNM stages5.274 (2.983–9.324)< 0.001
 Lymph node metastasis6.415 (3.338–12.326)< 0.001
 SETD5 expression3.493 (1.886–6.473)< 0.001
Multivariate analysis
 Differentiation1.425 (0.757–2.683)0.273
 TNM stages1.981 (0.953–4.116)0.067
 Lymph node metastasis3.034 (1.272–7.233)0.012
 SETD5 expression2.267 (1.192–4.311)0.013