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Table 5 Multivariate Cox Proportional Analysis of Age, Tumor Size, and RRS in Relation to the Likelihood of Relapse in Entire Dataset

From: A multiple breast cancer stem cell model to predict recurrence of T1–3, N0 breast cancer

Variablep-valueHazard Ratio (95%CI)a
Analysis without RRS
 Age (≤40y vs. >40y)0.0122.38 (1.21–4.69)
 Tumor Size (> 2 cm vs. ≤2 cm)0.0222.22 (1.11–4.44)
Analysis with RRS
 Age (≤40y vs. >40y)0.0222.22 (1.12–4.39)
 Tumor Size (> 2 cm vs. ≤2 cm)0.0052.70 (1.34–5.41)
 RRS (high vs. low)< 0.0015.92 (3.01–11.6)
  1. aCI confidence interval