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Table 1 Result of tissue DNA analysis by TEMPUS (TEMPUS biotechnology, Chicago, IL) showing potentially actionable mutations and variants of unknown significance

From: Exceptional response to chemotherapy followed by concurrent radiotherapy and immunotherapy in a male with primary retroperitoneal serous Adenocarcinoma: a case report and literature review

Somatic variants with potentially actionable mutationsMechanismAllelic fraction (%)Mutation effect
TPF3Point Mutation47.91p.G245D
NF1Point Mutation46.44p.Q209
Variants of unknown significance (VUS)
 NCOR2Point Mutation30.42p.D1708G
 CARD10Point Mutation27.17p.R424W
 FUSSplice Site7.05c.1542-7_1
 ADAMTS20Point Mutation3.59p.Y948fs
 BRPF3Point Mutation3.37p.P854fs
 EPHA3Point Mutation29.94p.L588 V