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Table 4 Comparison of the model resulting from taking 1 random sample out of the 3 FIT samples with the proposed final model for ACN

From: Prediction of advanced colonic neoplasm in symptomatic patients: a scoring system to prioritize colonoscopy (COLONOFIT study)

MODELAUCCI 95% (Bootstrap)
With interaction0.8650.833–0.894
RANDOM – 10.8440.809–0.875
RANDOM – 20.8350.800–0.897
RANDOM – 30.8430.809–0.876
RANDOM – 40.8420.808–0.875
RANDOM – 50.8420.807–0.875
  1. Final model including MAXFIT and NSAMPLES
  2. RANDOM-N: Model created with a FIT value randomly chosen from the 3 values ​​of each patient. This was repeated 5 times
  3. MAXFIT: maximum f-Hb value; NSAMPLES> 4: Number of samples with FIT > 4 μg Hb/g faeces