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Table 1 Characteristics of included patients with breast cancer

From: Short- and long-term impact of adapted physical activity and diet counseling during adjuvant breast cancer therapy: the “APAD1” randomized controlled trial

(N = 143)
(N = 71)
(N = 72)
Age, mean (sd)51.6(10.1)52.1(9.3)51.2(10.9)
Weight, mean (sd)68.5(13.9)69.6(14.1)67.5(13.7)
BMI, mean (sd)25.5(5.3)25.8(5.3)25.2(5.4)
Obese, N (%)26(18.2)15(21.1)11(15.3)
Post-menopausal, N (%)67(46.8)37(52.1)30(41.7)
Tobacco smoking, N (%)
 Former smoker42(29.4)19(26.8)23(31.9)
Marital status, N (%)
 Single/divorced/widowed, no child3(2.1)2(2.8)1(1.4)
 Single/divorced/widowed, with child15(10.5)7(9.9)8(5.6)
 Married/Living together, no child7(4.9)3(4.2)4(2.8)
 Married/Living together, with child118(82.5)59(83.1)59(81.9)
Education level, N (%)
 No qualifications23(16.1)14(19.7)9(12.5)
 Secondary level29(20.3)15(21.1)14(19.4)
 Completed high school31(21.7)11(15.5)20(27.8)
 Completed ≥2 years at University60(42.0)31(43.7)29(40.3)
Usual professional status, N (%)
 Full or part-time employed95(66.4)43(60.5)52(72.2)
 Unemployed/Medical leave12(8.4)9(12.7)3(4.2)
Surgery type, N (%)
Cancer stagea, N (%)
 Stage I62(43.3)33(46.5)29(40.3)
 Stage IIa/IIb62(43.3)29(40.8)33(45.8)
 Stage IIIa/IIIc18(12.6)9(12.7)9(12.5)
Breast cancer subtype, N (%)
 Triple negative32(22.4)13(18.3)19(26.4)
 HER2+, ER+, and/or PR+17(11.9)9(12.7)8(11.1)
 HER2+, ER−, and PR−1(0.7)1(1.4)0(0.0)
 HER2-, ER+, and/or PR+93(65.0)48(67.6)45(62.5)
  1. Abbreviations: APAD Adapted Physical Activity and Diet counseling intervention, UC Usual Care
  2. aOne APAD participant with pTX (i.e., adenocarcinoma in an ectopic axillary breast tissue)