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Fig. 2

From: Measuring the impact of oesophagectomy on physical functioning and physical activity participation: a prospective study

Fig. 2

Functional Exercise Tolerance and Physical Activity Levels Pre-Surgery and at 1-Month and 6-Months Post-Surgery. Box-plots depicting distance walked during the six-minute walk test distance (Fig. 1a), percentage walking hours spent sedentary (Fig. 1b) and in light intensity activity (Fig. 1c) and minutes per day spent in moderate-to-vigorous intensity activity (Fig. 1d) at each timepoint. All participants experienced significant acute decreases in walk distance and activity levels from pre-surgery to 1-month post-surgery which improved again to 6-months post-surgery, however all domains of physical activity, including sedentary behaviour, remained impaired at 6-months post-surgery in comparison to pre-surgery values

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