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Fig. 1

From: APC2 is critical for ovarian WNT signalling control, fertility and tumour suppression

Fig. 1

APC2 loss causes subfertility in adult female mice. a Mating efficiency of Apc2 experimental genotypes as a function of time recorded in days between pairing the mice and delivering the first litter. N = 4 breeding cages each with one Apc2+/+, Apc2+/− or Apc2−/− male crossed with 2 Apc2+/+, 2 Apc2+/− or 2 Apc2−/− female respectively. One Apc2−/− trio was completely sterile (*P < 0.05). b Breeding efficiency as reflected by number of gestations occurring in a 3 month period (mean ± S.E, n = 4). c Cumulative number of pups weaned in a 3 month period from 4 breeding pairs. Statistical significance between groups was determined using ANOVA test followed by Games-Howell post hoc analysis (variances of experimental groups were not homogeneous, tested by Levene’s test). d, e Representative photomicrographs of (d) Apc2+/+ and (e) Apc2−/− ovaries, showing growing follicles (red arrows) and corpora lutea (black arrows). Bar = 500 μm. f, g Histograms showing total number of (f) corpora lutea, and (g) healthy growing follicles, counted across 100 serial sections of four ovaries collected from four animals at diestrus stage (mean ± SE; *P < 0.05, t-test)

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