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Table 6 Coexisting BRAF and activating RAS or PIK3CA mutations

From: Clinical mutational profiling and categorization of BRAF mutations in melanomas using next generation sequencing

BRAF kinase activity BRAF a RAS or PIK3CAa
Coexisting BRAF and RASb
 Class-2 BRAF mutation p.K601E (35%) NRAS p.G13 N (34%)
p.G464R (5.5%) NRAS p.Q61R (55%)
 Class-3 BRAF mutation p.G466A (30%) KRAS p.G12D (49%)
p.G466 V (19%) HRAS p.G13 N (26%)
p.S467 L (26%) NRAS p.Q61K (24%)
p.D594N (47%) NRAS p.G12S (42%)
p.D594N (59%) HRAS p.Q61K (46%)
Coexisting BRAF and PIK3CAc
 Class-1 BRAF mutation p.V600E (11%) PIK3CA p.545 K (7.5%)
p.V600K (56%) PIK3CA p.545 K (24%)
 Class-3 BRAF mutation p.G466E (17%) PIK3CA p.545 K (3.1%)
  1. aPercentage in the parenthesis indicates mutant allele frequency
  2. bA case with BRAF p.V600E and HRAS p.Q25* was not included
  3. cIncluding only PIK3CA mutations affecting codons 542, 545 or 1047