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Table 4 Mutational profiling of 19 patients with paired specimens

From: Clinical mutational profiling and categorization of BRAF mutations in melanomas using next generation sequencing

Cases Specimens Mutationsa
Same mutation
 Pair 01 Skin, neck (Re) NRAS p.Q61L
Lymph node, neck (Re) NRAS p.Q61L
 Pair 02 Skin, thigh (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
Soft tissue, thigh (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
 Pair 03 Skin, upper arm (Bx) NRAS p.Q61R
Kidney (FNA) NRAS p.Q61R
 Pair 04 Soft tissue, axillar (Re) NRAS p.G13R
Lymph node, axillar (Bx) NRAS p.G13R
 Pair 05 Lymph node, neck (Re) BRAF p.V600K
Lung (Re) BRAF p.V600K
 Pair 06 Soft tissue, upper arm (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
Soft tissue, scalp (Bx) NRAS p.Q61R
 Pair 07 Lymph node, axillar (Re) BRAF p.V600E
Soft tissue, chest (Re) BRAF p.V600E
 Pair 08 Lymph node, groin (Bx) BRAF p.V600E
Lymph node, neck (FNA) BRAF p.V600E
 Pair 09 Skin, scalp (Bx) No mutation
Lymph node, neck (FNA) No mutation
 Pair 10 Skin, thigh (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
Lymph node, iliac (Bx) NRAS p.Q61R
 Pair 11 Soft tissue, axillar (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
Lymph node, axillar (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
 Pair 12 Skin, lower leg (Re) NRAS p.Q61L
Lymoh node, groin (Re) NRAS p.Q61L
 Pair 13 Skin, upper back (Bx) BRAF p.V600E
Soft tissue, upper back (Bx) BRAF p.V600E
 Pair 14 Brain (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
Lymph node, neck (Re) NRAS p.Q61R
 Pair 15 Skin, chest (Re) No mutation
Lymph node, axillar (Bx) No mutation
 Pair 16 Skin, nose (Re) KIT p.L576
Liver (Bx) KIT p.L576
 Pair 17 Lung (Re) No mutation
Lung (Re) No mutation
Different mutations
 Pair 18 Left lower lip (Bx) BRAF p.V600E
Lower lip (Bx) No mutation
 Pair 19 Skin, right vulva (Re) No mutation
Skin, right vulva (Re) KIT p.N655K
  1. Bx: biopsy; FNA: fine needle aspiration; Re: resection or excision
  2. aMutations in the BRAF, HRAS, KIT, KRAS, NRAS and PIK3CA genes