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Table 1 Characteristics of studies for validation

From: External validation of molecular subtype classifications of colorectal cancer based on microsatellite instability, CIMP, BRAF and KRAS

  Studies with proposed classifications to be validated Validation set
Samadder et al. [20] 2013 Phipps et al. [21] 2015 Sinicrope et al. [16] 2015
Study Iowa Women’s Health Study Seattle Colon Cancer Family Registry Phase III randomized trial NCCTG N0147 DACHS study
Study design Cohort Population-based cohort Cohort from clinical trial Population-based cohort
N 370 1189 2720 1915
Country US US US Germany
Population Women aged 55–69 resident in Iowa Persons aged 20–74 resident in Washington state and women 50–74 in postmenopausal study Patients aged 19–86 with resected stage III colon carcinomas in Alabama region Patients aged 30–96 resident in Rhine-Neckar region
Cancer Colorectal Colorectal Colon Colorectal
Stage I - IV I - IV III I - IV
Recruitment time 1986–2002 1998–2007 2004–2012 2003–2010
Treatment Any Any FOLFOX or FOLFOX+cetuximab Any
Median follow-up NR NR 4.9 years 5.3 years
  1. DACHS Darmkrebs, Chancen der Verhütung durch Screening, US United States, CSS cancer-specific survival, DFS disease-free survival, OS overall survival, NR not reported