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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: Effectiveness of a therapeutic patient education program in improving cancer pain management: EFFADOL, a stepped-wedge randomised controlled trial

Inclusion criteria - Patient suffering from a cancer diagnosed since at least 1 month
- Pain related to the pathology or its treatment and/or to the sequelae of disease and its treatment (ongoing or not):
- treated with analgesics since at least 1 month
- moderate to severe intensity, unbalanced, in the previous week:
• Pain intensity ≥4 (on a 0–10 numerical rating scale)
• OR leading to insomnia
• OR > 4 daily breakthrough pain
• OR interference with daily activities
- Patient with a life expectancy ≥6 months
- Health compatible with the PEP requirements (WHO performance scale ≤2)
- Patient with a signed informed consent before inclusion of the study
- Patient ≥18 years old
- Patient able to understand, speak and read French
- Patient without cognitive dysfunctions
Exclusion criteria - Primary central nervous system cancer or brain metastases
- Documented cognitive disorders
- Progressive psychiatric disease
- Drug user
- Heavy drinking, superior to the WHO recommendations
- Patient refusal to participate