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Fig. 1

From: miR-221-5p regulates proliferation and migration in human prostate cancer cells and reduces tumor growth in vivo

Fig. 1

miR-221-5p is downregulated during PCa progression in patient samples. a Analysis of GSE21036 dataset [45] for miR-221-5p expression in PCa tissue compared to adjacent normal tissue. Fold change (FC = 0.83) to normal was calculated and data analysed by t-test. b Expression of miR-221-5p in 14 metastatic PCa samples was compared to miR-221-5p expression in 99 primary PCa tissue in GSE21036 dataset. Fold change (FC = 0.66) was calculated and data analysed by t-test. c Data of GSE21036 was grouped according to the indicated Gleason score (GS) and miR-221-5p expression analysed. Adjusted p-value was calculated by one-way ANOVA. d miR-221-5p expression was analysed in samples grouped for pathological stage (T). Data of GSE21036 was analysed by one-way ANOVA

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