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Table 1 According to the manufacturer’s recommended criteria, the samples were independently scored for intensity of TSPAN9 staining by two pathologists without knowledge of the clinical outcome at × 100 and × 200 magnification

From: TSPAN9 and EMILIN1 synergistically inhibit the migration and invasion of gastric cancer cells by increasing TSPAN9 expression

  1. The staining intensity was divided into three grades (using a scoring system of 0–3): No staining (0), slightly yellowish (1), brownish yellow (2) and dark-brown (3). The multiplications of the two scores were graded as follows: 0 (0 score), 1+ (1–4 score), 2+ (5–8 score) and 3+ (9–12 score). Intensity scores of 0 or 1+ were designated as negative expression, whereas those of 2+ or 3+ were designated as positive expression