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Table 1 Basic information of selected lncRNAs

From: Lnc-AL445665.1–4 may be involved in the development of multiple uterine leiomyoma through interacting with miR-146b-5p

LncRNA ID FC (abs) Regulation Chromosome Strand Start End Database
lnc-AL445665.1–4 3.3 down chr9 positive 65,218,522 65,219,575 NONCODE
lnc-GUCY1A3–1 3.01 down chr4 positive 155,734,447 155,737,062 NONCODE
lnc-LHFPL3–5 2.04 down chr1 negative 210,231,456 210,234,121 Ensembl
lnc-RP4-725G10.1.1–8 3.65 down chr8 negative 17,643,794 17,800,917 Ensembl
  1. Note: FC (abs): absolute value of fold change