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Table 1 Summary of CSH cases coexistent with DLBCL

From: Generalized crystal-storing histiocytosis with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and monoclonal gammopathy in a Chinese elderly woman: a case report

Report/Year Age/sex Symptoms / History Diagnosis Ig type Sites of CSH Clinical course
Kaufmann/1996 [5] 61/F Subcutaneous masses G-CSH with LPL in transformation to a large cell lymphoma IgM kappa
IgG lambda
Skin, LN Not reported
Jones/1999 [4] 70/M Splenomegaly G-CSH with LPL IgM kappa BM, LN Transformed to DLBCL at 24mos
Thorson/2000 [7] 77/F Bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy G-CSH with Low-grade monocytoid B-cell lymphoma lambda Parotid and submandibular glands, LN Transformed to DLBCL at 8ys
Li JJ /2015 [6] 80/F Bilateral periorbital swelling L-CSH with WM IgM kappa Skin Transformed to DLBCL at 6ys and died of disease
Kawano/2013 [8] 80/M Asymptomatic/
Gastric DLBCL 13 years ago(CR)
L-CSH without LP-PCD None Lung Live free of disease at a 23mos follow-up
Present case 74/F Abdominal pain, fever, subcutaneous masses G-CSH with DLBCL IgM kappa Soft tissue, LN Live with disease at a 1y follow-up
  1. F: Female; M: Male; L-CSH: Localized crystal-storing histiocytosis; G-CSH: Generalized crystal-storing histiocytosis; DLBCL: Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; LPL: Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma; WM: Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia; LP-PCD: Lymphoproliferative or plasma cell disorder; CR: Complete remission; LN: Lymph node; BM: Bone marrow; mo: Month; y: Year