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Fig. 3

From: Cancer cell lipid class homeostasis is altered under nutrient-deprivation but stable under hypoxia

Fig. 3

Effect of metabolic stress on lipidomic profiles of cancer cells: Each column shows changes in cellular levels of the six major lipid classes –including CEs, DGs, PCs PPCs, PEs and TG– under a specific stress condition relative to control for KCL22 (Leukemia), KG1 (Leukemia), KU812 (Leukemia), SW480 (Colon cancer), SW620 (Colon cancer) and A549 (Lung Cancer) cells. For each lipid class the peak intensities of the subspecies containing similar number of double bonds in their fatty acyl chains (chain containing highest number of double bonds) were summed up and the data were log2 transformed and median normalized

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