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Fig. 1

From: Cancer cell lipid class homeostasis is altered under nutrient-deprivation but stable under hypoxia

Fig. 1

Baseline lipidomic profiles in selected cancer cell lines. a (Left- panel) Principal component analysis (PCA) of lipidomic profiles KCL22 (Leukemia), KG1 (Leukemia), KU812 (Leukemia), SW480 (Colon cancer), SW620 (Colon cancer) and A549 (Lung Cancer) cell lines at baseline level. Percentage of the variance captured by each principal component (PC) is given close to each respective axis. (Right-panel) PLS-DA model analysis of 244 common lipid molecules to differentiate six different cell lines (i.e. KG1, KCL22, KU812, SW480, SW620 and A549) (b) Potential discriminatory lipid molecules identified through VIP scores (VIP values of >‚ÄČ2.0) derived from PLS-DA modeling of complete data matrix. Resulting VIP scores for top 15 lipid molecules are shown in increasing order of VIP score values to highlight their discriminatory potential

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