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Fig. 3

From: Association between high-resolution MRI-detected extramural vascular invasion and tumour microcirculation estimated by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in rectal cancer: preliminary results

Fig. 3

A patient with rectal adenocarcinoma (pT4N1, moderately differentiated). a Sagittal high-resolution T2WI depicted definitive tumour signal within a marked expanded and irregular extramural vessel (arrow), confirming mrEMVI-positive status. c A VOI (pink dashed line) was selected on DCE-MRI, and (d) the AIF with the smallest chi-square value was the selected. c An ROI (red continuous line) was drawn along the edge of the tumour guided by corresponding (b) oblique axial high-resolution T2WI. e The ROI was copied to Ktrans map, and the mean Ktrans (0.121 min− 1), kep (0.514 min− 1) and ve (0.258) values were obtained

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