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Fig. 2

From: Association between high-resolution MRI-detected extramural vascular invasion and tumour microcirculation estimated by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in rectal cancer: preliminary results

Fig. 2

A patient with rectal adenocarcinoma (pT3N1, moderately differentiated). a Oblique axial high-resolution T2WI depicted the extramural vessels were in the vicinity of stranding rectal tumour, but these vessels had normal calibre, and there is no definite tumour signal within the vessels (arrow), indicating mrEMVI-negative status. b A VOI (pink dashed line) was selected on DCE-MRI, and (c) the AIF with the smallest chi-square value was than selected. b The ROI (red continuous line) was drawn along the edge of the tumour guided by corresponding (a) oblique axial high-resolution T2WI. d The ROI was copied to Ktrans map, and the mean Ktrans (0.234 min− 1), kep (1.473 min− 1) and ve (0.232) values were obtained

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