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Fig. 1

From: Raman spectroscopy detects metabolic signatures of radiation response and hypoxic fluctuations in non-small cell lung cancer

Fig. 1

Raman spectral changes linked to glycogen in NSCLC xenograft tissue following irradiation. Principal component 1 (a) and PC2 (b) (black traces) with corresponding box plots of PC1 score (c) and PC2 score (d) (Tukey style box plot, outliers left out for clarity, notches indicate 95% confidence interval on the median). Median PC scores are shown for all spectra collected over four tumours (2 h, 10 days) or three tumours (1 day, 3 days) in a single dose group and time point. The dashed red trace in (a) represents the Raman spectrum of pure glycogen (sample obtained from Life Technologies Inc., Burlington, ON, Canada). Statistical significance: **** p ≤ 0.0001, n.s.- not significant

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