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Fig. 6

From: CRKL regulates alternative splicing of cancer-related genes in cervical cancer samples and HeLa cell

Fig. 6

Validation of CRKL-regulated alternative splicing events in cancer related genes. (a) ASEs in RAC3. (b) ASEs in MELK. (c) ASEs in ATM. IGV-sashimi plots show AS changes occurred in CRKL-KD cells and control (Left panel) and the transcripts for the gene are shown below. The schematic diagrams depict the structures of ASEs, AS (purple line) and Model (green line). The exon sequences are denoted by boxes and intron sequences by the horizontal line (Right panel, top). RNA-seq quantification and RT-qPCR validation of ASEs are shown in the bottom of right panel. The altered ratio of AS events in RNA-seq were calculated using the formula: AS junction reads / (AS junction reads + Model junction reads); while the altered ratio of AS events in RT-qPCR were calculated using the formula: AS transcripts level /Model transcripts level

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