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Fig. 4

From: CRKL regulates alternative splicing of cancer-related genes in cervical cancer samples and HeLa cell

Fig. 4

RNA-seq analysis of the change of gene expression in response to the CRKL knock-down. a CRKL expression values quantified by RNA sequencing data. FPKM values were calculated as that has been explained in Methods. b Heat map shows the hierarchically clustered Pearson correlation matrix resulting from comparing the transcript expression values for control and CRKL shRNA-treated samples. c Detection of the CRKL regulated genes on the volcano plots, differentially up-regulated genes (FC ≥ 1.5, P-value< 0.01) are labeled red, whereas differentially down-regulated (FC ≤ 2/3, P-value< 0.01) are labeled blue. d Hierarchical clustering of 837 DEGs in control and shRNA treated samples. Expression values (FPKM) are log2-transformed and then median-centered by each gene. (E-F) The top 10 representative GO Biological Process terms of CRKL-upregulated and downregulated genes

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