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Table 3 Plasma D-dimer mean levels for patients with primary ovarian cancer (including BOT) stratified by stage

From: Development and validation of a model that includes two ultrasound parameters and the plasma D-dimer level for predicting malignancy in adnexal masses: an observational study

Stage (FIGO 2014) N = 129 Plasma D-dimer mean level [μg/ml]
I 26 1.816
II 18 2.490
IIIA1(ii) 5 1.445
IIIB 11 4.070
IIIC 63 7.609
IV 6 7.287
  1. BOT borderline malignant ovarian tumor, FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, One-way anova test for comparison of mean values in groups (p < 0.05)