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Fig. 8

From: Hsa_circ_0005379 regulates malignant behavior of oral squamous cell carcinoma through the EGFR pathway

Fig. 8

Upregulation of hsa_circ_0005379 inhibits tumorigenesis. a Images of nude mice bearing xenograft tumors generated using CAL27 stable cells and of surgically removed tumors. b Tumor growth curve changes in tumor volume weeks after injection. c Tumor weight plots of mock and hsa_circ_0005379 overexpression groups. d H&E staining of xenograft tumors. e The expression levels of CD31, EGFR and p-EGFR in the experimental groups were determined by western blot. f Immunohistochemical (IHC) staining of xenograft tumors. Data are presented as means ± SEM of three independent experiments. Student’s t-test, **P < 0.01. Scale bars, 50 μm

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