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Fig. 1

From: HPV DNA integration site as proof of the origin of ovarian metastasis from endocervical adenocarcinoma: three case reports

Fig. 1

Identification of HPV integration site in 13q22.1 in both cervical and ovarian tumors, case 1. a The junction between HPV18 (grey box) and human genome is indicated by a vertical grey line. The coordinate of the human genome breakpoint (73884335) in cervical tumor was determined according to the forward strand (+) of hg19 reference. Horizontal arrows indicate the localization of the primers, which were designed to specifically amplify the human/viral junction sequence. The closest genes (KLF5, KLF12) to the HPV integration site are shown as black boxes. b Analysis of the PCR products on agarose gel. Lane 1 represents molecular weight, lanes 2 and 3 indicate cervical and ovarian tumor DNA, respectively. Lane 4 is DNA from another patient (negative control). c Sanger sequencing chromatogram obtained from cervical tumor DNA (upper part) and ovarian tumor DNA (lower part). Vertical grey line indicates the junction between HPV18 (left part) and the human genome (right part)

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