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Table 1 Follow-up schedule and study procedure for study cohort

From: Local excision in mid-to-low rectal cancer patients who revealed clinically total or near-total regression after preoperative chemoradiotherapy; a proposed trial

Documentation Restaging LE vs. TME Visit 1 Visit 2–6
Study procedures Screening Surgery Checking complications Routine checkup
Period after pre-CRT 4–8 weeks 4–8 weeks 8–16 weeks Every 6 months after Op.
Getting permission    
Assigning serial number    
Physical exam  
Heart/ lung evaluation    
Chest CT    (Selective)
MR, rectal cancer    (Selective)
Endoscopy    (Selective)
Laboratory test  
Endorectal sonography    
Manometry/questionnaire    (Selective)
Checking complications   
Selection of surgery type     
  1. Pre-CRT Preoperative chemoradiotherapy, Op., Operation, LE Local excision, TME Total mesorectal excision, CT Computed tomography, APCT Abdomino-pelvic CT, MR Magnetic resonance