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Table 2 List of significant pathways identified through PANTHER database (Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships) with the protein carried by extracellular vesicles circulating in the plasma of HNSCC patients, according to CRT response (CR complete responders or NR non-responders)

From: A preliminary investigation of circulating extracellular vesicles and biomarker discovery associated with treatment response in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Related Pathway Raw p-value FDR q-value Related Molecules
NR EVs (n of proteins = 67)
 Insulin/ MAP kinase cascade 1.85E-04 7.54E-03 IGFR1, RAF1, IRS1
 PI3 kinase 7.62E-04 1.38E-02 NOS3, CCND1, IRS1
 Interleukin signaling 1.95E-04 6.35E-03 NOS3, RAF1, IRS1, STAT5
 VEGF signaling 1.37E-03 2.24E-02 VEGFA, NOS3, RAF1
 EGF receptor signaling 8.47E-05 6.90E-03 YWHAB, RAF1, ERBB4, GAB1, STAT5
 Alzheimer disease-presenilin 6.37E-04 1.30E-02 MMP1, CTNNA1, ERBB4, WNT1
 Angiogenesis 2.21E-04 6.01E-03 MMP1, CTNNA1, ERBB4, WNT1
CCKR signaling map 2.27E-04 5.29E-03 ITGB1, YWHAB, RAF1, IRS1, CCND1
 Gonadotropin-releasing 1.02E-04 5.57E-03 ITGB1, MT-CO2, INHA, RAF1, IGFR1, IRS1
CR EVs (n of proteins = 32)
 FAS signaling p53 signaling 1.63E-03 4.43E-02 CAD, CASP3
4.76E-04 1.94E-02 TP73, BAX, HDAC1
 Apoptosis signaling 5.19E-05 2.82E-03 BAX, IKBKB, CASP3, CREB1
 CCKR signaling map 1.10E-05 8.99E-04 ODC1, SNAI1, BAX, CREB1, CASP3
 Huntington disease 1.88E-03 4.39E-02 TP73, BAX, CASP3
 Cadherin signaling 2.39E-03 4.88E-02 CDH3, EGFR
 Gonadotropin-releasing 6.61E-04 2.15E-02 CREB1, EGFR, INS, SLC2A1