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Table 2 Characteristics of included studies assessing the LMR on prognosis in HL

From: Prognostic value of lymphocyte-monocyte ratio at diagnosis in Hodgkin lymphoma: a meta-analysis

  1. Studies with a low overall risk of bias are shaded in grey
  2. aData were obtained by contacting the author
  3. b2.5th to 97.5th percentile were stated instead of range
  4. cMean follow-up in years (range)
  5. dThe time period and range of follow-up in years were not reported
  6. eIPS ≥2 (%)
  7. fthis study also provided median (range) of LMR of healthy control: 3.1 (0.6–4.0)
  8. Abbreviations: Alb albumin, ALC absolute lymphocyte count, AMC absolute monocyte count, ANC absolute neutrophil count, chemo chemotherapy, EFS event-free survival, Hb haemoglobin, HL Hodgkin’s lymphoma, HR hazard ratios, IPS international prognostic score, LMR lymphocyte-monocyte ratio, LSS lymphoma-specific survival, NLR neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio, NR not reported, OS overall survival, PET positron emission tomography, PFS progression-free survival, RT radiotherapy, TTP time-to-progression, WBC white blood cell count