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Table 2 60 CpG sites analyzed by MS-MLPA

From: Intratumor heterogeneity index of breast carcinomas based on DNA methylation profiles

CpG sites respect to ATG Gene Name (HGDB) Chromosome Location CpG sites respect to ATG Gene Name (HGDB) Chromosome Location
72 bp to exon 2 APC 5q22 346 bp before MGMT 10q26.3
4658 bp before ATM 11q23 93 bp before MGMT 10q26.3
157 bp after CACNA1A 19p13.2 151 bp after MGMT 10q26.3
32 bp before CACNA1G 17q21.33 382 bp before MGMT 10q26.3
8560 bp before CASP8 2q33.2 74 bp after ex 1 MGMT 10q26.3
1168 bp before CCND2 12p13.3 464 bp after MGMT 10q26.3
1358 bp before CCND2 12p13.3 661 bp before PAX5 9p13
17 bp before CD44 11p12 49 bp before PAX6 11p13
411 bp before CD44 11p12 43 bp before PRDM2 1p36.21
42 bp before CDH13 16q23.3 190 nt after PYCARD 16p11.2
20 bp before CDH13 16q23.3 651 bp before RARB 3p24.2
31 bp after CDKN2A 9p21.3 824 bp before RARB 3p24.2
407 nt before CHFR 12q24 888 bp before RARB 3p24.2
400 nt before CHFR 12q24 141 bp before RASSF1 3p21.3
714 bp before DAPK1 9q22 79 bp before RASSF1 3p21.3
366,437 bp after DLC1 8p22 18 bp before RUNX3 1p36.11
366,993 bp after DLC1 8p22 232 bp before SCGB3A1 5q35
163 bp after ESR1 6q25.1 17 bp before SCGB3A1 5q35
112 bp after ESR1 6q25.1 42 bp before SFRP4 7p14.1
658 bp before GATA5 20q13.3 82 bp after SRFP4 10q24.1
103 bp after GSTP1 11q13 275 bp before SFRP5 7p14.1
245 bp before GSTP1 11q13 316 bp before SFRP5 10q24.1
11 bp before ex 1 HIC1 17p13 172 bp before TIMP3 22q12.3
163 bp after HTLF 3q25.1 300 bp before TIMP3 22q12.13
953 bp before ID4 6p22.3 10,905 bp before TP53 17p13.1
319 bp before ID4 6p22.3 29,790 bp before TP73 1p36.32
305 bp before IGSF4 11q23 29,551 bp before TP73 1p36.3
72 bp before IGSF4 11q23 220 bp after TWIST1 7p21.2
464 nt after KCNQ1 11p15.5 80 nt before VHL 3P25
432 bp before MGMT 10q26.3 412 bp before WT1 11p13