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Table 2 Four tissue specimens with lung cancer

From: Expression of C-terminal ALK, RET, or ROS1 in lung cancer cells with or without fusion

N Specimen ID Driver gene mutation Histology Distance of NAT from tumor
1 ILS31007 EML4-ALK AD 3 cm
2 ILS33976 EGFR exon 19 deletion AD 3 cm
3 ILS31624 KRAS G12C AD 6 cm
4 ILS31026 ND SQ 5 cm
  1. Each driver gene mutation was determined by Cancer Personalized Profiling by Deep Sequencing or the cobas 4800 mutation test at BioreclamationIVT. ND Not detected, AD Adenocarcinoma, SQ Squamous carcinoma, NAT Normal adjacent tissue