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Table 1 37 lung cancer cell lines

From: Expression of C-terminal ALK, RET, or ROS1 in lung cancer cells with or without fusion

N Cell line Histology Driver gene mutation Supplier Catalogue number Culture medium
1 NCI-H2228 AD EML4-ALK1 ATCC CRL-5935 10%FBS-RPMI1640
2 SNU-2535 NS EML4-ALK, G1269A2 KCLB 02535 10%FBS-RPMI1640
3 SNU-2292 AD EML4-ALK3 KCLB 02292 10%FBS-RPMI1640
4 HCC827 AD EGFR E746_A750 DL1 ATCC CRL-2868 10%FBS-RPMI1640
5 PC-9 AD EGFR E746_A750 DL1 IBL 37,012 10%FBS-RPMI1640
6 B901L AD EGFR E746_A750 DL1 RIKEN RCB3530 10%FBS-RPMI1640
7 HCC4006 AD EGFR L747_E749 DL, A750P4 ATCC CRL-2871 10%FBS-RPMI1640
8 HCC2935 AD EGFR E746_T751 DL, S752I4 ATCC CRL-2869 10%FBS-RPMI1640
9 PC-3 AD EGFR L747_A750 DL1 HSRRB JCRB0077 10%FBS-MEM
10 NCI-H1650 AD EGFR E746_A750 DL1 ATCC CRL-5883 10%FBS-RPMI1640
11 II-18 AD EGFR L858R1 RIKEN RCB2093 10%FBS-RPMI1640
12 NCI-H1975 AD EGFR L858R, T790M1 ATCC CRL-5908 10%FBS-RPMI1640
13 NCI-H820 AD EGFR E746_T751 DL, T790M5 ATCC HTB-181 10%FBS-RPMI1640
14 Calu-1 SQ KRAS G12C1 ATCC HTB-54 10%FBS-McCoy’s 5A
15 NCI-H358 AD KRAS G12C1 ATCC CRL-5807 10%FBS-RPMI1640
16 HOP-62 AD KRAS G12C1 NCI 502,467 10%FBS-RPMI1640
17 NCI-H2122 AD KRAS G12C1 ATCC CRL-5985 10%FBS-RPMI1640
18 Calu-6 AC KRAS Q61K1 ATCC HTB-56 10%FBS-MEM
19 NCI-H460 LC KRAS Q61H, PIK3CA E545K1 ATCC HTB-177 10%FBS-RPMI1640
20 NCI-H596 AS PIK3CA E545K1 ATCC HTB-178 10%FBS-RPMI1640
21 NCI-H1781 AD ERBB2 G776VC1 ATCC CRL-5894 10%FBS-RPMI1640
22 NCI-H1755 AD BRAF G469A1 ATCC CRL-5892 10%FBS-RPMI1640
23 LC-2/ad AD CCDC6-RET6 RIKEN RCB0440 15%FBS-HAMF12
24 HCC78 AD SLC34A2-ROS11 DSMZ ACC563 10%FBS-RPMI1640
25 NCI-H2347 AD NRAS Q61R1 ATCC CRL-5942 10%FBS-RPMI1640
26 NCI-H1993 AD MET amplification1 ATCC CRL-5909 10%FBS-RPMI1640
27 NCI-H1568 AD ND1 ATCC CRL-5876 10%FBS-RPMI1640
28 NCI-H522 AD ND1 ATCC CRL-5810 10%FBS-RPMI1640
29 NCI-H838 AD ND1 ATCC CRL-5844 10%FBS-RPMI1640
30 A529L AS ND1 RIKEN RCB2817 10%FBS-RPMI1640
31 NCI-H1703 AD ND1 ATCC CRL-5889 10%FBS-RPMI1640
32 NCI-H520 SQ ND1 ATCC HTB-182 10%FBS-RPMI1640
33 NCI-H2170 SQ ND1 ATCC CRL-5928 10%FBS-RPMI1640
34 NCI-H226 SQ ND1 ATCC CRL-5826 10%FBS-RPMI1640
36 NCI-H1915 LC ND1 ATCC CRL-5904 10%FBS-RPMI1640
37 NCI-H292 MC ND1 ATCC CRL-1848 10%FBS-RPMI1640
  1. AD Adenocarcinoma, NS Non-small cell carcinoma, SQ Squamous carcinoma, AC Anaplastic carcinoma, LC Large cell carcinoma, AS Adenosquamous carcinoma, MC Mucoepidermoid carcinoma, DL Deletion, ND Not detected. Mutations were referred from 1 COSMIC cell database, 2 Yoshimura Y. et al., 3 Additional file 5: Figure S1a,4 ATCC’s datasheet, 5 Shimamura T. et al., 6 Matsubara D. et al.