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Table 2 Coagulation lab results of the patient

From: A lung cancer patient with deep vein thrombosis:a case report and literature review

Description Result Unit Ref int
D-dimers 27.53↑ ug/ml 0.0–0.5
TT 15.2 S 10.3–16.6
PT 14.2↑ S 9.8–12.8
Fibrinogen 2.92 g/l 2.00–4.00
APTT 32.9 S 25.1–36.5
INR 1.17↑ R 0.8–1.15
  1. TT: Thrombin time; PT: Prothrombin time; APTT: Activated partial thromboplastin time; INR: International normalized ratio, Ref int: Reference interval