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Fig. 5

From: Activation of the hypoxia pathway in breast cancer tissue and patient survival are inversely associated with tumor ascorbate levels

Fig. 5

Tumor ascorbate-associated disease-free and disease-specific 6 year survival. Kaplan Meier 6 year survival curves, plotted with respect to tumor ascorbate content (nmol/μg DNA), stratified according to range: Low (< 0.13 nmol/μg DNA, n = 21); Mid (> 0.13 - < 0.26 nmol/μg DNA, n = 15); High (> 0.26 nmol/μg DNA, n = 14). There was a significant association between tumor ascorbate content and both disease-free and disease-specific survival. Significance was determined with the logrank (Mantel-Cox) test and three-way ANOVA for trend with increasing ascorbate levels

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