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Table 1 qPCR validation of differential expression (sarcoma vs. skin) of five genes detected as differentially expressed by mRNA-seq. Abbreviations are as follows: n.s., not significant at p ≤ 0.05; ΔCt, average of the two differences between the cycle time for the indicated gene and the average of the cycle times for two endogenous normalizer genes (ATE1 and SHOC2); ΔΔCt,difference between the average ΔCt value for the sarcoma samples and the average ΔCt value for the normal skin samples. Column "Gene" contains the HGNC official gene symbol

From: Elucidating the transcriptional program of feline injection-site sarcoma using a cross-species mRNA-sequencing approach

Gene RNA-seq log2(sarcoma/skin) TaqMan assay ΔΔCt qPCR log2(sarcoma/skin)
BARX1 5.29 Hs01026253_g1 436.6 8.77
BARX2 −7.08 Hs01573160_m1 0.0003 −11.76
FBN2 4.99 Cf02646808_mH 83.67 6.39
GAPDH −3.86 Cf04419463_gH 0.5663 −0.82
ITM2B −3.31 Hs00222753_m1 0.0303 −1.72
LATS1 0.815 custom (see Methods) 0.8697 −0.20
LEF1 −2.17 Hs00212390_m1 0.0689 −3.86
MMP13 5.91 Cf02741638_m1 84.62 6.40
ATE1 n.s. Cf02638583_m1 n/a (endogenous normalizers)
SHOC2 n.s. Cf02707128_m1