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Fig. 6

From: MicroRNA-148b regulates tumor growth of non-small cell lung cancer through targeting MAPK/JNK pathway

Fig. 6

miR-148b inhibits the MAPK/JNK signaling pathway by decreasing the expression of phosphorylated (p) JNK in NSCLC cells. a Western blot analysis of phosphorylated(p) JNK, unphosphorylated (t) JNK, MKK4, MKK7 and GAPDH protein expression in PC14/B and A549 cells after being transfected with different mimics. b Protein bands were relative quantified by Image Lab software analysis. Over-expression of miR-148b obviously decreased the protein expression of phosphorylated JNK in PC14/B and A549 cells compared to the blank group, while the protein expression of MKK4, MKK7 and unphosphorylated (t) JNK was not affected. Phosphorylation of JNK was reactivated by knocking down miR-148b expression. The results are expressed as the mean ± standard deviation. JNK, c-Jun N-terminal kinase; p-JNK, phosphorylated JNK; t-JNK, unphosphorylated JNK; MKK4, mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4; MKK7, mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 7; GAPDH, Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, loading control protein; Blank, the cells were transfected with unpackaged lentiviral vectorsI; NC, negative control; miR, microRNA

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