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Fig. 7

From: The garlic compound ajoene covalently binds vimentin, disrupts the vimentin network and exerts anti-metastatic activity in cancer cells

Fig. 7

Computational modelling of the Vimentin tetramer showing the environment of Cys-328. The structure of the vimentin tetramer (PDBID 3KLT) was chosen, prepared and modelled using Schrödinger software. The structure of the tetramer is labelled and shown using a space filling representation for chain (a) (grey) and modified cartoon representation for chains (b, c, d) (cyan, yellow and magenta), The four cysteine thiols are coloured yellow and are exposed at the termini of the tetramer. The environment for the cysteine of each chain in the tetramer is illustrated. The thiol hydrogen points in the direction of the glutamate in chain (a), towards the carbonyl oxygen in chains (c, d) and towards Gln-324 in chain (b)

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