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Table 1 Distribution of ABO blood group genotypes in gastric cancer cases and controls

From: Blood groups A and AB are associated with increased gastric cancer risk: evidence from a large genetic study and systematic review

rs8176746 × rs687289 No. of cases Genotype frequency in cases, % No. of controls Genotype frequency in controls, % Phenotype A alleles Phenotype B alleles Phenotype AB alleles Phenotype O alleles
AA×AA 224 4.54 315 5.12   BB   
AA×AG 8 0.16 3 0.05   BO a   
AA×GG 1 0.02 0 0.00   BO b   
AC×AA 496 10.06 547 8.88    AB  
AC×AG 1146 23.24 1563 25.38   BO   
AC×GG 14 0.28 3 0.05   BO b   
CC×AA 255 5.17 313 5.08 AA    
CC×AG 1308 26.52 1508 24.49 AO    
CC×GG 1480 30.01 1906 30.95     OO
  1. aThe AG haplotype corresponds to the rare O24, O40 or O41 alleles
  2. bThe AC× AG genotype denotes either haplotypes AA and CG (the common BO alleles, respectively) or AG and CA, which haplotype is rare in the Han Chinese population. The compound heterozygous genotypes require haplotype phase determination to distinguish B and O alleles from the more rare A and O-variant alleles. Since A and O-variant alleles together represent a minority in Chinese populations, we assumed that these individuals were of the BO blood group for these analyses