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Table 1 Selection of source and study populations

From: Risk and consequences of chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia in US clinical practice

  Total Population
Source Population
 Patients aged ≥18 years with evidence of new myelosuppressive chemotherapy course from 1/2011 to 12/2015 643,676
  plus ≥6 months continuous health benefits prior to chemotherapy course 507,181
  plus evidence of single primary solid tumor or NHL at the time of chemotherapy initiation 359,727
  plus no evidence of stem cell/bone marrow transplant prior to or during chemotherapy 359,429
  plus no evidence of thrombocytopenia prior to chemotherapy initiation 352,571
  plus no evidence of causes of secondary thrombocytopenia prior to or during the chemotherapy course 332,512
Study Population
 Receipt of chemotherapy regimen including one of the following drugs of interest 215,508
  Carboplatin 59,381
  Cisplatin 18,380
  Cyclophosphamide 67,530
  Fluorouracil 10,408
  Gemcitabine 3704
  Oxaliplatin 5867
  Vincristine 766
   ≥ 2 Drugs of Interest 49,472
   Carboplatin+Fluorouracil 343
   Carboplatin+Gemcitabine 1154
   Cisplatin+Cyclophosphamide 145
   Cisplatin+Fluorouracil 2462
   Cisplatin+Gemcitabine 1318
   Cyclophosphamide+Fluorouracil 2117
   Cyclophosphamide+Vincristine 13,812
   Fluorouracil+Oxaliplatin 27,566
   Gemcitabine+Oxaliplatin 363
   Other Regimens 192