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Fig. 3

From: Immune targeting of autocrine IGF2 hampers rhabdomyosarcoma growth and metastasis

Fig. 3

Induction and effectiveness of anti-IGF2 antibodies elicited by electroporated DNA vaccine encoding the human IGF2 gene. a Western blot analysis of sera from BALB/c mice untreated or subjected to DNA vaccination and electroporation with empty vector (p-BLAST) or p-hIGF2 (two independent mice are shown). For each mouse, sera were used to stain mIGF2 protein (left lane) or hIGF2 protein (right lane). b ELISA assay for anti-hIGF2 antibodies in sera from BALB/c mice untreated (open circles) or vaccinated with empty vector (open triangles) or with p-hIGF2 (closed triangles). Dashed line: sensitivity threshold as determined by the level of untreated mice. c ELISA assay for anti-mIGF2 antibodies. Symbols as in panel b. d Prevention of RMSp53Neu-5-induced metastasis in mice vaccinated with the empty vector (open triangles, n = 12) or with the p-hIGF2 plasmid (closed triangles, n = 8) and electroporated. Two similar experiments were pooled. Significance of difference of hIGF2-vaccinated mice versus mock-vaccinated (empty plasmid) was calculated with the non-parametric Wilcoxon test

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