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Table 2 The five recurrently hair-related regulated genes after CTX and M30 treatment

From: Genetic analysis of a novel antioxidant multi-target iron chelator, M30 protecting against chemotherapy-induced alopecia in mice

Group Gene symbol Common name GO annotation
Hair cycle Hair cycle phase Hair cycle process Regulation of hair cycle Hair follicle development Hair follicle maturation Hair follicle morphogenesis
Condition 1 Tnfrsf19 Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 19 Yes   Yes   Yes   
Ercc2 Excision Repair Cross-Complementation Group 2 Yes   Yes   Yes Yes  
Lama5 Laminin, Alpha 5 Yes   Yes   Yes   
Condition 2 Ctsl Cathepsin L Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Per1 Period Circadian Clock 1     Yes