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Fig. 2

From: Genetic analysis of a novel antioxidant multi-target iron chelator, M30 protecting against chemotherapy-induced alopecia in mice

Fig. 2

Representative MA plot of changes and hierarchical clustering analyses in gene expression levels after CTX and M30 treatment. a Hierarchical cluster analysis of all samples in the gene expression microarray. Genes that were upregulated relative to control are shown in red and those that were downregulated are shown in green. The expression levels of these genes were altered ≥1.5-fold or ≤ 0.666-fold in the CTX/Normal, MC/CTX, and MC/Normal condition (p < 0.05). b MA plots comparing each of the three data sets for a representative sample. Gene expression profiles from the normal mouse skin compared with CTX-treated mouse skin (CTX/Normal), normal mouse skin compared with M30-supplemented CTX-treated mouse skin (MC/CTX), and CTX-treated mouse skin compared with M30-supplemented CTX-treated mouse skin (MC/Normal). MA plot where M = log (Cy5/Cy3) is the log ratio of the two dyes used in the hybridization, and A = [log (Cy5) + log (Cy3)]/2 is the average of the log intensities. c Venn diagram showing the number of genes regulated by CTX, or CTX with M30. The number of upregulated, contra-regulated, and downregulated genes that responded commonly or uniquely to the treatments is shown in red arrows, red texture, and blue arrows, respectively

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