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Table 3 Association of TILs and TIL subtypes with clinicopathological characteristics

From: Dissimilar patterns of tumor-infiltrating immune cells at the invasive tumor front and tumor center are associated with response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in primary breast cancer

Clinical parameter TIL subtype ITF TC
Tumor grade TILs 0.047a 0.047a
CD3 0.0407a  
cT stadium (pre-NACT) TILs   0.004d
CD3   0.004d
CD4   0.0118b
ypT stadium (post-NACT) TILs 0.0069c 0.0014c
CD3 0.0010c 0.0069c
CD4 0.0014c  
CD8 0.0197c  
CD20 0.0151c  
IS CD3/CD8 0.0254c
IS CD3/CD20 0.0144c
clinical response TILs   0.0204b
CD3   0.0235b
histological regression grade TILs   0.0007c
CD3 0.0308c 0.0002c
CD4 0.037c  
CD8 0.0308c 0.0008c
CD20 0.023c 0.0196c
IS CD3/CD8 0.0093c
IS CD3/CD20 0.0481c
DTC presence post-NACT CD4   0.0296c
  1. High amounts of total TILs and CD3+ T cells at the ITF were associated with smaller tumor sizes post-NACT. Comparable results were observed for both immune infiltrates in the TC. The tumor grading was directly correlated with the amount of total TILs both at the ITF and in the TC as well as with the level of CD3+ cells at the ITF. Favourable NACT responses, evaluated by pathological response rate and histological regression grade, were directly associated with significantly higher amounts of total TILs and CD3+ cells present in the TC. Elevated amounts of CD4+ cells in the TC were associated with DTC presence post-NACT
  2. aLM
  3. bKruskal-Wallis test
  4. cSpearman
  5. dWilcoxon rank sum test