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Fig. 2

From: Fascin-1 enhances experimental osteosarcoma tumor formation and metastasis and is related to poor patient outcome

Fig. 2

Validation and characterization of OS cell lines with altered Fascin-1 expression. (a) Western blot analysis with antibodies to Fascin-1 (top panel), to V5 (middle panel), and to GAPDH as a loading control (lower panel) of protein extracts from SaOS-2 (left panel) and 143B (right panel) cells stably transduced with a scrambled control ShRNA (Ctrl ShRNA), a Fascin-1-specific ShRNA (ShFascin-1), a pLenti6/V5-DEST empty vector (EV), or pLenti6/V5-DEST-Fascin-1 (Fascin-1). (b) SaOS-2/WT (upper row), SaOS-2/Fascin-1 (middle row), and SaOS-2/ShFascin-1 (bottom row) cells stained with anti-Fascin-1 (green), with Alexa-633-phalloidin (filamentous actin, red), and with NucBlue (nuclei in blue). (c) While silencing Fascin-1 reduces the perimeter of the cells in both cases, overexpression has little impact (n = 34–57)

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