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Fig. 2

From: Obesity impacts the regulation of miR-10b and its targets in primary breast tumors

Fig. 2

miR-10b shows stronger down-regulation in the tumors of overweight breast cancer patients. a The total counts (in paired 12 tumor and 12 normal tissue samples) of 62 miRNAs with 10 counts or more (round markers), and their significance of differential expression between normal and tumor samples expressed in –log10 of the paired T-test p-value (triangular markers). The grey area marks 22 highly-expressed miRNAs (with experimental range of 10 or more counts). The triangle above the line represents miR-10b with p = 7.6*10− 5. The horizontal axis is set at p = 0.0025 (Bonferroni correction for 22 miRNAs). b 5 miRNAs showing nominally significant changes between tumor and normal tissue in NGS analysis (p < 0.05, paired T-test, N = 6 for each group, 24 samples total). Note logarithmic scale of vertical axis. c Individual miR-10b expression levels, NGS analysis (as in (a)). d Relative miR-10b levels in tumor samples according to tumor grade, qRTPCR. (N = 83; horizontal bars represent averages; p = 0.005, t-test.) Note logarithmic scale of vertical axis. e Tumor/normal ratios of miR-10b expression levels, qRTPCR. * represents nominally significant differences between the leanest group and the most overweight group, and also between the leanest group and the rest of the cohort combined (p = 0.04 for both). Bars, standard errors; N = 19, 44 and 20 for the 3 groups respectively

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