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Fig. 9

From: The JNK signaling pathway plays a key role in methuosis (non-apoptotic cell death) induced by MOMIPP in glioblastoma

Fig. 9

MOMIPP penetrates the blood-brain barrier and inhibits growth of intracerebral U251 xenografts. a MOMIPP (80 mg/kg) was administered by IP injection to female Swiss Webster Mice. At each of the indicated time points after injection, blood and brain tissue were obtained from three mice. Plasma and brain tissue were extracted and MOMIPP concentrations (mean ± SD) were determined by LC/MS as described in the Methods. b Intracerebral xenografts were established in nude mice by injection of 4 × 105 U251-LUC cells, as described in the Methods. Daily treatment with MOMIPP (80 mg/kg) or NSP vehicle commenced on Day-0 (four days after cell implantation). The study was terminated on Day-15. BLI was performed on Days 0, 7, 11 and 15, and the differences between the control (n = 10) and MOMIPP-treated (n = 11) groups were evaluated for statistical significance by the Mann-Whitney test for unpaired samples

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