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Table 4 Multivariate analysis of OS in low- and high-risk patients after PCT using step-wise method

From: Identifying optimal candidates for local treatment of the primary tumor among patients with de novo metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a retrospective cohort study based on Epstein–Barr virus DNA level and tumor response to palliative chemotherapy

  Low-risk patients High-risk patients
Characteristic HR 95% CI P-value HR 95% CI P-value
Age (years)    NS 1.27 0.96–1.68 0.089
N stage 1.85 0.99–3.45 0.055 1.38 0.97–1.96 0.074
Metastatic site
 Lung vs. Bone    NS 0.83 0.48–1.42 0.493
 Liver vs. Bone    NS 1.03 0.65–1.62 0.911
 Distant nodal vs. Bone    NS 0.90 0.43–1.87 0.774
 Multiple vs. Bone    NS 2.94 2.10–4.11 < 0.001
LRRT 0.35 0.21–0.58 < 0.001    NS
  1. Abbreviations: NS non-significant, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, LRRT locoregional radiotherapy
  2. All potential prognostic factors were involved in the analysis. Two factors remained in low-risk patients and three factors remained in high-risk patients
  3. HRs were calculated for Age (years) (>47 vs. ≤47); N stage (N2–3 vs. N0–1); LRRT (Yes vs. No)