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Table 4 Top five genes with highest appearance frequencies and their gene pairs with maximum ΔavgR

From: Identifying primary site of lung-limited Cancer of unknown primary based on relative gene expression orderings

Gene Symbol Appearance Frequency Gene Pair Symbola ΔavgR
GUCY2C 1969 GUCY2C, SLC34A2 10,298.34705
CDH17 1322 CDH17, SLC34A2 10,273.16384
FABP1 485 FABP1, SLC34A2 10,001.53088
SLC34A2 474 KRT20, SLC34A2 10,657.31487
USH1C 270 USH1C, SLC34A2 9020.681651
  1. aThe former genes had higher expression levels than the latter genes in the CRC